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Are you struggling to give up sugar? Do you stick to a diet plan for a week then find yourself spoon deep in Haagen Dazs? You’re not alone. 


Sugar is a hard habit to kick. Let’s delve into this sweet dilemma and learn nutritionist approved tools for a sugar free lifestyle.


But first, why give up sugar at all? Jenny Champion, founder of Paleo Barbie and a board-certified nutritionist explained, “sugar gives you a mental fog and it keeps you on sugar highs and lows, which can trigger anxiety and depression.” She’s worked with thousands of clients tackling sugar addiction and binge eating disorder, and she’s seen their results firsthand. 

Kicking the Sugar Habit - A Nutritionist's Perspective

October 2019

Brazil has been facing a public health crises since 2015, when the Zika virus caused thousands of babies in Northeastern Brazil to be born with microcephaly. The World Health Organization called Zika a Public Health Emergency in 2016.  Recently, the concern for the virus has disappeared, but it remains a threat. The next outbreak can occur at any time and there is no vaccine or medicine for Zika  at the present time.

The Zika virus is spread mostly by the bite of infected Aedes aegypti mosquitoes and can be passed from a pregnant woman to her fetus. ​Brazilian obstretician and researcher, Adriana Melo, was the first to make the connection between the Zika virus and microcephaly, a condition which causes infants to have misshaped heads and profound neurological abnormalities. Children can have a range of developmental delays and specialists predict some children will need intensive services throughout their lives.​ 

Fraternity Without Borders: Microcephaly

October 2019

Fraternity Without Borders: Brazil Welcomes Venezuelan Refugees

October 2019

Venezuelan refugees, escaping the fallout of their country’s economic, political and social collapse, stream into Roraima, Brazil by the hundreds each day. Informal estimates report that about 100,000 Venezuelan refugees have crossed the border into Roraima so far; official figures show that about 40,000 of them live in Boa Vista, the state capital. 


Through our partnership with UNHCR and the Brazilian Army, Fraternity Without Borders is providing shelter and helping the refugees start a new life in Brazil.

Pricetitution is a rollicking card game that invites players to consider their values, specifically price values. The creator, Dan Killian, invites you to admit that you’re a “pricetitute.” A pricetitute is “a person that talks about doing things for money.” Now, how much would it take for you to do something outrageous? What’s your real price?

Breaking the Ice with Pricetitution

April 2019

Brazil Refugee Resettlement.png
Kicking Sugar.png

Whitepaper: Why Investing in the Female Workforce Now is Crucial for Organizations

October 2019

Executive Summary

By investing in women leaders, the future of work is more promising. Employees at companies with higher percentages of women as part of their workforce report more job satisfaction, organizational dedication, meaningful work and less burnout. Organizations benefit from having high percentages of women as part of their workforce. Companies with more women financially outperform competitors and have higher employee retention rates for both men and women. However, one incredible population health challenge is having a significant impact on the workforce: stress and burnout. Chronic stress continues to increase and is impacting talent retention of both women and men at work, particularly top-performing employees.

White Paper First Page.png

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